Do you like making payments all month long? 

(No right? We don't either)

And that's why we built BunchPay,
India’s first Personal Payments Manager.



Why BunchPay?

Show your bills who’s the boss!

Club all your payments into one & don’t let them bother you ever again. 

You pay us once and that’s it ✔

We will take care of all your payments saving you from a ton of stress. 

We save you time and money.

Say no to late fees and spend some more time on things that you love. 

How does it work?

Create your Bunch

Set up all the payments that you need to make each month. Utility bills, EMIs, SIPs, monthly medicines, milkman, maid..... 

Setup a pay date

Tell us which date you can pay for the bunch.  It is best to pay the bunch on your salary day, so you can enjoy the entire month without tension🤗

Earn coins!

With every bunch paid, you earn coins that you can redeem for huge merchant discounts, offers and cashback! No more
"better luck next time"


My dad no longer fights with me over paying bills on time😛 Thanks BunchPay!


Suresh Shankar

IT professional

I used to spend at least 3 hours every month for paying all my 15 bills. Now it takes just 10 seconds with Bunchpay!


Dr. Surbhi Gopal


Investors & Partners

Join us in making YOUR life easier!

First 1000 subscribers get 1 year subscription free! (worth ₹1,200!)

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